“Telemachus” Long Distance Remote Maintenance Capability

Client: Navy (NAVSEA Washington Naval Yard)


Onboard diagnosis of aircraft carrier auxiliary equipment by shipyard Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) has been pivotal in correction of mission-critical deficiencies. However, the costs and logistics associated with SME deployment to at-sea carrier locations is prohibitive, and SMEs are limited in number due to extensive training and experience requirements. The development of a portable remote monitoring/diagnostic/assessment capability, or “telemaintenance” system, is required to reduce the frequency of required ship visits by SMEs and increase diagnostic efficiency before and after SME on-ship activities. This system would need to provide SMEs with remote interfaces to a wide variety of inputs, including temperature, pressure, vibration, rotation, audio, video, and other communication modes. Additionally, the system would have to be applicable to a wide variety of auxiliary mechanical systems, and be rugged and portable for shipboard use.



TA developed “Telemachus” for shipboard telemaintenance consisting of a portable UDP/IP-based video and document sharing module as well as a projective optical diagramming system. Telemachus is ideal for shipboard use because the entire system is fully contained in a single compact carrying case, requires no modification to shipboard equipment, and establishes intuitive, latency-tolerant communications between the SME and the ships force. The core of Telemachus is Navy-customized collaboration software that will requires minimal training and will provide intuitive capabilities for document sharing, text, voice and video chat as well as sharing of hand-held measurements. Additionally, a novel, optical remote-diagramming tool is used to project SME instructional figures directly onto shipboard equipment.