FlightDeck Logistics Multi-Touch Computing Surface

Client: Navy (NAVAIR Lakehurst)

Figure 1: Current flightdeck logistics using models
Figure 2. ePanel flightdeck logistics solution


Navy planners on shore use a highly collaborative working group system involving large-scale paper plans of carrier spaces and foam cut-outs to represent aircraft, support equipment, and cargo. This system lacks the capability of accurate archiving and internet collaboration, and is space and materials intensive.



The e-Panel's multi-touch technology allows multiple users to interact intuitively with the graphics and action on a computer screen without using a mouse, menu, or keypad. The use of touch-screens on smart-phones and kiosks has become commonplace, and the gestures for zooming, sliding, and rotating displayed objects are so obvious that detailed instructions are irrelevant. These devices only represent the simplest applications of “natural user interfaces” in which a user controls and explores of the digital world by directly pushing, pulling, sliding, and gesturing on the computer screen. The e-Panel can simultaneously track and interpret over one hundred touch events across the entire display area and is scalable from monitor-sized to room-sized. Plus, multi-finger, multi-hand, and even multi-person gestures can be defined and explored to perform software-specific functions. Additionally, e-Panel is based on all open-source touch interface and dynamics libraries, allowing new applications to be developed on-site, or across the worldwide open-source community.