SWAV : Nearshore Ocean Visualization

Client: US Navy (ONR)


Currently the US Navy has access to volumes of meteorological, buoy, and predictive data about sea-state conditions across the world. However, this data is often processed and visualized as the output of computer modeling tools, usually in the form of numeric summaries and static charts. What is missing is a tool that provides mission planners a way to visualize the near shore environment in a more immersive way, cutting through the communication shortcomings of charts and graphs and allowing them to ‘see’, first-hand, the environment into which deployments are staged.

Figure:  Procedurally generated ocean surface (left) and breaking wave (right)


Templeman Automation (TA) continues to support on-going (Phase II SBIR) development of the Simulated WAve Visualization (SWAV) software application to transform meteorological/ocean (MetOcean) data into a statistically accurate and accessible littoral scene. SWAV is a software program that creates realistic littoral wave animation from off-shore boundary conditions provided by the user or via coupled global wave models like Delft University of Technology’s SWAN. SWAV’s effectiveness is based on three areas of TA expertise: (1) Application and understanding of existing wave models, (2) Adaptation of proven computational approaches from the feature film industry for creating realistic water simulations, (3) Exploitation of the latest advances in hardware graphics and computational acceleration. Under the direction of Hollywood veteran Leonard White, SWAV is positioned to provide photo-realistic visualizations of the dynamic near shore region to Navy trainers and mission planners.