“MaxSpot” Carrier Logistics Tool

Client: Navy (NAVAIR Lakehurst)


The Navy's Carrier Analysis Laboratory use a highly collaborative working group system involving large-scale paper plans of carrier spaces and foam cut-outs to represent aircraft, support equipment, and cargo. Aircraft and equipment layouts are recorded by taking multiple photographs and manually transferring this data to CAD software. This system is time consuming, inefficient, lacks the capability of accurate archiving and internet collaboration, and is space and materials intensive.



To address this need TA developed an asset tracking physics-based carrier layout tool. Physical interaction between the ship and equipment are created using a physics engine that prevents overlapping components and invalid placements. Assets are tracked through various positions as the mission plan is recorded. As part of the phase II SBIR TA will provide NAVAIR Lakehurst, a fully functional stand-alone spot factor software tool which is current under evaluation by the Carrier Analysis Laboratory.